"America's Toughest Sheriff"
"America's Toughest Sheriff"

Poll Says More Than 60 Percent of County Residents Approve of Arpaio

A new Cronkite/Eight poll finds that county residents mostly approve of Joe Arpaio's performance as sheriff.

The poll, conducted between October 22-25, asked 389 registered voters in Maricopa County if they approved or disapproved of the job the sheriff iis doing. It found that 61 percent of county residents either "approve" or "strongly approve" of the job Arpaio is doing. Similarly, 60 percent of residents disapproved of the federal government's decision to limit his authority when it comes to dealing with illegal immigrants.

Wonder if Arpaio's spending so much time on the national media circuit had anything to do with these numbers?

The poll had some interesting information about Governor Jan Brewer, too.

While Brewer's popularity seems to be slightly improving since refering to the state Capitol as a "hell hole," the most interesting poll results came from Democrats.

According to the poll, 40 percent of Democrats approve of the job she is doing.

Of course they do -- the job she is doing is probably going to get a Democrat elected governor next year.


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