Radio Caller Who Claims to Have Witnessed Cold-Case Murder Now Says He Made Up Story, Say Police

A caller on KISS-FM (a.k.a. KZZP, 104.7-FM) this week who claimed to have witnessed a 1988 Kentucky murder may have been lying, say police.

Phoenix homicide detectives interviewed the caller this morning. In a news release that seems to beat around several bushes, cops say "statements were made that he fabricated the whole story and believes it's an urban legend." The name of the caller wasn't released.

"Investigators are not accepting this lightly," cops say of the apparent hoax, "Phoenix Police will follow up with several other agencies to determine if there is any validity to this supposing hoax."

Police haven't arrested the caller, nor charged him with a crime.

According to a Cincinnati TV news report, the man who called himself "Carl" claimed to have been a part of a group that terrorized and ultimately killed a "bully" near the Ohio-Kentucky border. (The station posted a clip of the broadcast, too).

After telling of his supposed role in the crime, "Carl" then asked for Kelly Clarkson tickets.

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