Registered Sex Offender John Szakin in Action? Flasher Photos Revisited -- With a Dash of Emilio Estevez

Since our previous post about 53-year-old John Szakin, a registered sex offender/admitted serial flasher, the Scottsdale Police Department confirms to New Times that he's suspected of being the same guy who was photographed walking through Scottsdale wearing nothing but a hat and shoes in June of last year.

As we noted in our earlier post, stripping down and chasing women through Scottsdale was a hobby for Szakin. He told police he drives to Scottsdale from his home in Peoria at least once a week to flash people. He admitted to several incidents and says he targeted women as they left bars early in the morning.

As if there's really much doubt that the two are one in the same, Szakin is still only suspected of being the man seen taking a nude stroll around Old Town last June.

For any doubters, take a look at the photo comparison below. Note, as a reader points out in our previous post, Szakin's striking resemblance to a police-beaten Mighty Ducks star Emilio Estevez

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