Retreating Justice: On-air dork Jon Justice of Tucson's 104.1 FM hides his Isabel Garcia pinata.

Ipso schmucko, going down kinda like the dog he pretended to kill in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

What's the latest from the Old Pueblo and the ongoing donnybrook between Isabel Garcia and those who've taken the Pima County Legal Defender to task for her hoisting the head of a Sheriff Joe piñata during an anti-Joe demo? Seems the idiot who made an issue of the non-issue in the first place, frat-boyish talk radio host Jon Justice of Tucson's 104.1 FM is now in some agua caliente himself over two YouTube videos he posted showing him caressing a life-sized Isabel Garcia piñata, telling his audience, "I want to take her home," while he pawed the piñata’s papier-mâché curves.

Justice obviously intended this latest stunt as humorous, saying he was going to make the Garcia piñata his show's mascot, and joking about how Garcia's form was really light because, "Chorizo's not that fattening." In other words, dumb, unfunny stuff that makes Dane Cook look like Bill Maher by comparison. Gotta wonder why so many people are still taking Justice's insincere gripes about Garcia seriously.

(BTW, Garcia didn't bash the Joe piñata, others did. Not that I would have blamed her if she'd beaten the crap out of that thing. You can read all about it in the current Bird column, which is up now.)

In any case, Jon Just-An-Ass has garnered some backlash because of these creepy vids of him and the Garcia doll. Derechos Humanos, the pro-immigrant human rights group Garcia co-chairs, has turned the tables on the wing-nutty doofus, calling 104.1 FM's sponsors and asking that they cut ties with the station. According to the Derechos Humanos Web site, some have, though Justice denies any advertisers have fled the coop. Either way, Derechos Humanos has effectively exploited Justice's self-inflicted wound. Now Justice has taken the videos of him feeling up the Garcia doll down.

One video was reposted to Metacafe, likely by a Garcia supporter, but it has since been removed by the site "due to copyright issues." Seems like Justice is even a bigger pantywaist than I expected.

In fact, in a recent blog post, Justice sounds like a whiny little bitch served with his own medicine.

"Welcome to the hypocrisy as Isabels Garcias [sic] group DERECHOS HUMANOS has launched a campaign against me!" he kvetches. "Do I work for the government? Does the taxpayer pay my salary? What what [sic] about my 1st Amendment rights? No one ever said that Isabel and Derechos never had the "right" to protest. It was and is still about a lawyer and public servant acting inappropriate per the AZ State Bar Rules and Pima County Policy."

What a pant-load! Garcia didn't threaten Arpaio with violence, which is what Just-An-Ass is referring to when he mentions Pima County policy. All she did was pick up a frickin' pinata head. Even the piñata-beating itself is protected, symbolic speech. You may not like it, but that's what the First Amendment's there for, to protect the speech you don't like.

I don't really think Justice should be driven off the air, any more than Garcia should be fired from her position. But Justice drew first blood, and Derechos Humanos is counterattacking in defense of their gal Garcia. Justice brought this on himself. And if he can't cowboy-up and take it, he should consider a new career as an Avon Lady.

The moron may not have a choice. He can't go back to where he came from --- Grand Rapids, Michigan -- because they know him too well there for another retarded stunt he pulled in 2005 when he pretended to drown a dog on-air and lost his morning show because of it.

As for Garcia, she's not out of the woods yet. So Derechos Humanos' has established a Web page encouraging supporters to write pro-Garcia letters to her county bosses. Keep in mind that anti-Garcia letters are coming in from across the nation, as Garcia has long been an iconic figure the anti-Mexican wing-nuts love to hate. Hopefully, Pima's satraps will get a few positive ones from closer to home, maybe even a neighboring county, if you catch my drift...

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