Rob Koebel, Ex-ABC 15 Reporter, Out of Another Gig -- Cops Say He Was Peeing Outside an Apple Store

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Police say a man in Wisconsin -- who had just finished taking a leak outside an Apple store -- asked officers if they knew who they were "messing with" when they tried to talk to him about the incident.

We'll tell you that the cops were "messing with" former KNXV-TV (Channel 15) reporter and Sheriff Joe Arpaio suck-up Rob Koebel.

Yes, the same Rob Koebel who donated to Arpaio's campaign, served his DUI sentence in Arpaio's deluxe jail suite, and introduced the Dan Saban "rape" story to the public.

According to a local website that obtained the police report, Koebel -- now working as an investigative TV reporter based in Milwaukee -- was caught by a security guard peeing outside the Apple store a few weeks ago.

The report says Koebel kept playing with his phone when the cops showed up, and when an officer told him to hand it over, he said, "No, do you know who you're messing with?"

According to the website, Koebel was being a bit of a jackass, telling the cops not to "play games" with him, and asking police if they would like to "take the gloves off."

He also fell over at one point, and brought an officer down with him, according to the report. Koebel also called an officer some names, including a slur for homosexuals, the report says.

Koebel's friend said there had been some drinkin' goin' on.

Media critic Jim Romenesko says one of the station's exectives told him that Koebel is "no longer with" the station.

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