Rodney Glassman Dropped $460K on Campaign in Two Months

There's money well-spent, and then there's just money spent -- and Democratic Senate candidate Rodney Glassman seems to be burning through the latter.

Glassman released his campaign-finance report on Friday, and the candidate spent nearly half-a-million dollars over a two-month period.

The money was spent in August and September, so some of it was used as Glassman tried to fend off three other Democratic candidates in the Democratic primary, which he won. The rest was used to try to unseat The Maverick, which isn't going so well.

In total, Glassman's raised about $1.3 million for his campaign -- including about $500,000 of his own money -- which is comparable to the $1.5 million his opponent, Senator John McCain, had going into the election. McCain also has about $17 million left in his presidential campaign fund, which has allowed him to donate a million dollars to the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

By comparison, Glassman doesn't have an enormous amount of money, but the money he's spending doesn't seem to be doing much good. He trails in the polls by a considerable margin (some have him down by more than 30 points).

Frankly, we're not sure on what Glassman's spending all his money on. His presence in the Valley -- the most highly populated part of the state -- is minimal. A few large campaign signs are about all we see. Glassman has video ads, but they're rarely seen anywhere but his campaign Web site.

We do know one way Glassman's spent some of his campaign cash. Have a look below -- if you can get through the first 30 seconds without cringing, you're probably the only one who can.

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