Rodney Glassman, Sole Potential Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate, Holding Off on Announcing He's Running

Rodney Glassman, Tucson's vice-mayor and lone Democrat mulling a run for John McCain's Senate seat, says he's holding off on making his candidacy official until a budget is in place for Tucson.

That's a nice change of pace from the several state legislators who abandoned ship to seek the congressional seat being vacated by John Shadegg -- Pam Gorman, Jim Waring, and Jon Paton, yes, we're referring to you.

That is, of course, if Glassman is sincere in his belief in his civic duty and not just holding off to sit back and watch McCain and J.D. Hayworth beat the political shit out of each other in the GOP primary before becoming a punching bag himself.

"Other Politicians are leaving the people who voted for them in a lurch by resigning in the middle of the worst financial crisis in the history of Arizona, a crisis that must be dealt with at every level of our governments," Glassman says in a statement.

Glassman, at the moment, is the only Democrat considering taking on either McCain or Hayworth in the general election. To officially become a candidate, he would have to resign from his seat on the Tucson City Council because of the state's resign-to-run law.

Meanwhile, McCain and Hayworth continue to spar over immigration issues and battle for endorsements.

Yesterday, the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association endorsed Hayworth in what was his first major endorsement from someone other than Joe Arpaio or Minuteman co-founder Chris Simcox.

Glassman says he plans to wait until April to announce any political plans.

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