Rumain Brisbon's Brother Accused of Threatening Phoenix Cop Involved in Shooting

Glendale police are investigating a claim that the brother of Rumain Brisbon threatened to kill the officer involved in the controversial shooting.

Rickey Brisbon, Rumain's older brother, was arrested on Friday on unrelated charges, but Glendale Police Sergeant David Vidaure tells New Times that Brisbon is still the subject of a couple ongoing investigations, including one pertaining to the alleged threats.

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Rumain Brisbon, 34, was unarmed when he was fatally shot by a Phoenix police officer on December 2 -- a killing that received national attention.

According to court documents, 38-year-old Rickey Brisbon told a woman that he was going to kill both her and Phoenix Police Officer Mark Rine, who fatally shot Rumain. That woman has also accused Rickey Brisbon of sexually assaulting her.

The court documents state Rickey and the woman were both at Rumain's funeral on Thursday, and she give Rickey a ride after the service. She claims that Rickey took control of her vehicle when they stopped at a gas station, then he took her to his house and sexually assaulted her.

The woman told police that another woman was there recording video of the whole things, and also told investigators that Rickey commented that she needed to be "punished" for his brother's death. She added that Rickey accused her of somehow being involved in Rumain's death, and said Rickey has threatened to kill both her and Officer Rine.

However, Rickey Brisbon hasn't been charged in relation to the alleged sexual assault or the threats. Glendale police say Phoenix PD has been notified of the alleged threats, but both investigations are ongoing.

Court documents also mention that officers "received information that [Brisbon] had been conducting public record searches for the Phoenix police officer involved in the shooting death of his brother."

Vidaure, the Glendale PD sergeant, tells us he can't elaborate on this due to the fact that the investigation's ongoing.

"Mr. Brisbon was not charged in relation to the alleged threats," he says. "The investigations into both the alleged threats and alleged sexual assault are still ongoing. I cannot provide details on those cases as such."

Court documents also indicate that Brisbon spoke to police about the allegations, but there's no information about what Brisbon said.

Meanwhile, police did arrest Brisbon on totally unrelated charges. He's accused of violating an order of protection, although the victim in that case is not the same woman who claims Brisbon sexually assaulted her. Police also found marijuana and a pipe on Brisbon at the time, according to court documents.

Due to the marijuana-related charges, which are felonies, Brisbon's going to remain in jail for a while. A judge at his release hearing noted that he's ineligible for release because there's a pending felony case against him already. Court records show Brisbon has a pending aggravated assault case from 2013.

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