Feathered Bastard

Russell Pearce's Bigot Bash Moves to Fountain Hills, Courtesy of Gary Lvov

After being run out of three venues in Phoenix last month by activists, a fundraiser for recalled, former state Senate President Russell Pearce has finally found a home at a local hotel run by one of his supporters.

According to an item on the conservative Sonoran Alliance blog, Pearce and his ethically-challenged ex-Justice of the Peace brother Lester will be having a co-fundraiser Saturday, July 21, at the Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites in Fountain Hills from 4-8 p.m.

Lester, who comes off as bright as a hockey puck, is running for Maricopa County Supervisor, a prospect that would be truly frightening if he had a snowball's chance in Yuma. Russell, of course, is attempting a comeback in the Legislative District 25 GOP primary, where he's facing off against nice-guy entrepreneur Bob Worsley.

"No charge to attend," reads the notice. "Snacks included!"

Sound desperate? Well, Russell Pearce is, having raised a little less than $3,000 from the start of January to the end of May, as compared to the nearly $67,000 in receipts for Worsley during the same time period.

Pearce has been forced to re-use the campaign signs from his disastrous recall campaign last year, and he's been begging for a debate from Worsley, who is acting the part of front runner and ignoring him.

In June, a Pearce event was booted from three venues in one day after activists dogged each spot with the promise of protests and boycotts. Which is likely why Pearce is having the event in the remote burg of Fountain Hills, where rabid supporter Gary Lvov manages a Holiday Inn, thus helping Pearce avoid the humiliation of again having his fundraiser canceled.

Lvov donated money to Pearce's anti-recall effort in 2011, and this year, he's donated both to Pearce's LD 25 bid and to the campaign purse of Pearce-lackey, state Representative John Kavanagh.

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