Russell Pearce's Pet Cockroach Steve Smith Tries to Give Pearce $260K of Your Money, Again

Losers are pathetic enough, but losers who don't know they're losers should be given a pistol with one bullet and locked in a shed until they are duly inspired.

Among these: sleaze-maestro Constantin Querard, state Representative Steve Smith, and two-time loser, ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce.

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Querard helped Pearce lose -- twice. First in the 2011 recall, where Pearce was bested by double digits, then in last year's GOP primary for state Senate from Legislative District 25, where Pearce was, yet again, stomped, by the same 12 point margin.

Smith is one of Querard's little right-wing puppets. Their existence allows Querard's High Noon Campaign Products to survive. But Smith and his kind are on the outs in the state House, where (relatively) moderate Republican Andy Tobin is speaker.

Like the wingnut mook that he is, Smith challenged Tobin for the speaker's chair in November, and was crushed like a bug.

Tobin has since denied Smith and his butt-buddy (and fellow Querard creation) state Representative Carl Seel chairmanships. However, Smith can still sponsor bills, even if they go nowhere.

Which is why the shameless Smith, a "talent agency director" with appropriately greasy hair, is reviving the effort to "reimburse" Pearce for the money others donated to him during the 2011 recall, and which Pearce spent, around $260K.

In his House Bill 2290, Smith doesn't even try to hide the intent, making the bill retroactive "to expenses incurred for a recall election held in November, 2011."

Where is this cash to come from? The state general fund. In other words, you and me.

Smith is also sponsoring HB 2282, which he tried to run when he was in the state Senate last year.

This unconstitutional measure would create a recall primary to precede any recall election, which Smith and the other Pearce-suckers seem to think would have scuttled Pearce's 2011 recall.

The problem with that theory is Pearce's 12-point loss to Bob Worsley in the LD 25 GOP primary in August. That is, Pearce lost, even in a Republican primary in his backyard.

And so it goes, proving how hard it is to rid any house, much less the upper and lower ones of the state Legislature, of cockroaches.

Seems doubtful that Smith's insect droppings will get a hearing as long as Tobin's speaker.

But on the Senate side, one pro-Pearce roach by the name of Andy Biggs has ascended to the presidency.

So, hope springs eternal, if you have six legs and eat dung, that is.

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