Ruth McClung: From Del Taco to Congress? She's a Conservative Running Against Raul Grijalva

Okay, there are a few things about Ruth McClung we like right off the bat: She's a rock climber. She likes the Beatles. She paints flowers.

But, c'mon. Raul Grijalva isn't even going to break a sweat.

McClung's running for Congress against Grijalva, a four-time incumbent Democrat from Congressional District 7 -- land of Raza Studies. He's a former migrant worker who came to this country under the Bracero program. [Whoops -- that was his dad. We misread the Wiki entry in our haste and vow to slow down a bit. Grijalva's office called us to let us know about screw up -- Grijalva was born in Arizona. Sorry about that, Congressman].

McClung's main connection to Hispanic culture seems to be a stint at Del Taco.

McClung's very concerned about Iranians, though. Her Twitter account says she's in Tehran right now, and she' recently tweeted about Iran:

I am praying for the people in Iran. This is one of those times when history holds its breath and waits... #IranElection

But McClung's tweets typically aren't that serious. She's an eclectic young woman: A "rocket scientist," rock climber, artist, Christian, "wife," and of course, a right-winger. Here's some sample tweets: Pelosi is giving blondes a bad name. She is either a liar or an air head. Either way, she should not be speaker of house. #sgp #tcot

Ruth McClung: From Del Taco to Congress? She's a Conservative Running Against Raul Grijalva

Next Obama will say to put wind mills on our cars. RT @tmcrw4d sounds like #bullshit #science #obama can just legislate #physics #tcot #sgp

Lets get people in congress who will stop spending money like it is going out of style. This is one reason why I am running. #TCOT #SGP

I just got back from rock climbing with my husband... boy am I out of shape!

Recession is when your neighbor is out of a job, depression is when you are out of a job, recovery is when liberal govern. is out of a job.

@tmcrw4d I am waiting for global warming to give me my ocean front propty in Arizona

She's got a couple of videos on YouTube. Here's one on her ideas about national defense -- it's not a very impressive performance:

But she can really capture the sensuality of flowers:

She touts her religiousness, but she's no Noah's-Ark-believing creationist. "With her scientific background, politicians using pseudo-science to push an agenda will not fool her," her site says. Of course, to some conservatives, mainstream science is pseudo-science. We wonder what her take is on global warming.

McClung's states that she'll be discussing more issues "as the campaign progresses." Like McClung, the Web site appears to be a work in progress.


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