Sarah Palin Book Tour Schedules Stop in Tempe

Sarah Palin Book Tour Schedules Stop in Tempe

Will Sarah Palin be coming to the Valley to promote her new book? You betchya!

On December 1, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., the former GOP vice-presidential candidate will be at the Costco in Tempe to promote her new tell-all, Going Rogue

Palin began her book tour on Oprah yesterday (where else), and it will be rolling across the country for the next month.

The new book got a rise out of former McCain campaign officials yesterday as a result of Palin's allegations that the campaign didn't permit her to speak out on certain issues, forced her to wear designer clothes, and pushed her into the infamous Katie Couric interview.

Yesterday on Oprah, the "ahh shucks" former governor of Alaska discussed the baby-mamma-drama surrounding her daughter and her baby-daddy Levi Johnson.

Apparently, Johnson has agreed to do a nude photo shoot for Playgirl Magazine. Palin told "The Big O" that she considered what Johnson was doing "porn" but that he is still invited to the Palin's house for Thanksgiving.

Considering Palin's real life is probably worth a trip to the Jerry Springer Show, the book's probably a hoot.


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