Satisfy a Super Bowl-sized sweet tooth

Your mate bounds into the room, somersaults over the couch and yells, "Honey, I got us tickets to the Super Bowl in Glendale, Arizona on February 3! Let's spend the weekend!" From here, it can go two ways -- you are either thrilled and join in his celebratory dance, already remembering where you put your colorful wig and face paint, or you continue flipping those pancakes with a creeping sensation about the last time you attended a sporting event.

Risking a gender stereotype, let's presume the less-than-excited partner is a non-sporty female and she's wondering, "Where the heck is Glendale, Arizona? It sounds terrible." Well, it used to be there wasn't much to do in The Glen, but mix the recent arrivals of professional hockey and football with decent government leadership and you've got yourself a bustling little town . Along with an Antiquing Row to rival any other in the state, Glendale is the home of the NHL Phoenix Coyotes, NFL Arizona Cardinals and, of course, Super Bowl XLII.

Well, gentlemen, if you've got a non-football fan romantic partner indulging you on Super Bowl weekend, why not return the favor? And we've got just the event for you, the Glendale Chocolate Affaire in the city's historic downtown.

City of Glendale

This chocolate football might be big enough to satisfy the sweet tooth of an entire football team. Elaborate and delectable creations like this one will be on delicious display at the annual Glendale Chocolate Affaire.

On February 1 and 2, you can both experience a romantic renaissance at the lavish, annual soiree. Whimsical horse drawn carriages will tour the quaint burg, authors of paperback bodice-rippers will sign their books and offer free writing workshops, plus you'll be able to explore the coolest chocolate factory around at no charge, the famous Cerreta's Candy Company where their toothsome confections are made by hand.

Live entertainment, gourmet dining and fancy beverages can turn a one-way street of sweaty players, maniac fans and stadium hot dogs into "Love, American Style." The physical response to the sight and smell of all that chocolate can be an erotic aphrodisiac, so don't forget to pack some for the big game. Hey, even defensive linemen like to relax with a pound or two of the sweet stuff.

Glendale Chocolate Affaire: Murphy Park, 7010 N. 59th Avenue, 623-930-2299 Friday and Saturday, February 1-2, 10am-10pm both days, Free. www.glendaleaz.com/events Map

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