Feathered Bastard

Second Amendment Follies at Sand Land's Capitol, Courtesy of Dennis Gilman

Gilman and I get to know some of our fellow Sand Land-ers and reconnect with old pals like Buffalo Rick...

There's nothing more fun on a mild, sunny day in Arizona than getting out and about and talkin' to ordinary folks.

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Above is a compilation of footage of videographer Dennis Gilman and I doing just that at a series of pro-gun rallies at the Arizona State Capitol held in January and February. (Gilman flew solo at the January rally, I joined in during two February events.)

You never know who you're going to meet or what people are going to say. Like the fella with mutton chops who interrupted a conversation he wasn't a part of to inform me that he wanted to "bump fire" all over my face.

Lordy, is that a sexual reference, a threat, or is he just telling me he likes me?

See, bump firing is a method by which a shooter uses the recoil of a semi-automatic weapon to simulate automatic fire. You can do it on your own, or purchase a perfectly legal, slide-fire stock to achieve the same end.

Not sure why this guy was so sensitive about the subject. I mean, there are countless bump fire videos on YouTube. Heck, if I owned an AR, I'd give it a whirl. It looks pretty fun, 'til you imagine some psycho doing likewise.

A perfectly legal rush, if you can afford the gun, the ammo and the slide-fire stock...

The kid with the Confederate flag? As I grew up in North Carolina, I'm familiar with all of these apologist arguments in favor of slavery and the Confederacy. You'll notice how quickly Zack transitions from saying that the Civil War was about states' rights instead of slavery to defending slavery itself.

As he's just 18, I assume someone fed him this line. Probably someone who should know better. Though it does make you wonder what they're teaching at Centennial High, which is overwhelmingly white.

Bump firing without a slide-fire stock...

Not to pick on Cowboy Zack, but he is a living, breathing argument for forced integration. Nor would he last long in South Phoenix waving that bullshit around.

On another topic, I usually find that a little bit of local Mexican-hater Art Olivas goes a long way, so there should be enough footage of Art in this video to get you into the next decade.

There's also an interesting discussion of when these so-called "patriots" may have to fire on law enforcement. The young man I discuss this with is college-educated, so a lack of book-learnin' is, apparently, not the issue.

As Gilman says in his video description, "Welcome to Arizona." True, there are wackadoodles everywhere in this great land of ours, but for some reason, we get more than our fair share here in Cactus Country. Something in the water, the soil, the air, or all three?

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