Sheriff Joe Arpaio rides again! Arrests workers for being BWP, Brown Without Papers.

The satirical image of Joe as a Klansman that made media headlines in August.

Sheriff Joe's on the warpath against illegals, so much so he's not even bothering to wait for new anti-day laborer laws to take effect in the bigoted burg of Cave Creek. Hell, he's already harassing workers at a church, arresting them for the crime of being BWP, or Brown Without Papers. Ol' Joe had his deputies arrest nine people yesterday near the sanctuary site set up by the Good Shepherd of the Hills Episcopal Church, though these folks' only real crime was wanting to bust their asses for whitey.

Cave Creek's new laws against loitering and cars stopping on city streets don't go into effect until October 24, but, see, Joe IS the law in Maricopa County, and he can do whatever the heck he wants, even if the law books haven't caught up with him yet. Thursday, his deputies pulled people for bullshit infractions. Then they pulled the brown passengers from the vehicles and arrested them.

Why not arrest the ofays picking up men wanting to work? Well, because their skin is sans tan. Though how in tarnation Caucasians who prefer the comforts of their La-Z-Boys and not breaking a sweat will now get their gardening done is beyond me. It's probably beyond them, too.

Cave Creek's a redneck town, and comments recently printed in the Sonoran News about lynching blacks (specifically, by implication, rapper DMX, the subject of this week's Bird column) prove this. Some have chided Sonoran News Publisher/Editor Don Sorchych for running the anonymous comment, but I think they're wrong. Better to have the bigotry out in the open where everyone can see it. If I were black or brown, I wouldn't be going anywhere near the prejudiced podunk of Cave Creek, and I'm sure that's how the majority of residents there like it.

Cave Creek and Sheriff Joe were made for each other. Actually, in his heart, I doubt Joe's really a racist. He's more of an opportunist and a grandstander, than anything. But his actions peg him as a bigoted bully, even if he's only pursuing these policies to pander to the lowest common denominator. Never has that satirical, photoshopped image of "KKK Joe" forwarded around by activist Elias Bermudez in August seemed more apt. If there existed a White Knights of Maricopa County, they'd probably vote in Arpaio as their honorary Grand Wizard.

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