Should Michael Salman Be Granted Work Release?

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Pastor/ex-gang member Michael Salman's trying everything in the book to get out of Tent City after his 67 misdemeanor convictions -- and possible probation violation -- and he's down to his last straws.

Salman's trying to get work release to work at his restaurants, Might Mikes Burgers, both of which are located in Phoenix.

On the plus side, Salman actually has work to do, especially after the health inspectors continue to note that they need Salman to take care of some violations and certifications.

"He wishes to be released for the maximum permitted hours and days each week to perform his job duties at his family -owned and -operated restaurant, where his duties consist of managing the business, cooking, and serving as a cashier or waiter as needed," Salman's attorney wrote in the motion. "Defendant Salman is the sole manager of the business, which relies on him completely for its operation. Suzanne Salman is not able to take his place in this regard, as she is fully occupied in caring for their small children."

On the other hand Salman's rap sheet isn't exactly pristine.

Salman once served a six-year prison sentence for a drive-by shooting, during which he was caught with LSD. He was also once booked into jail for impersonating a police officer, and he likely violated his probation for his most recent convictions, in which he wasn't allowed to have huge gatherings of people in his "church."

He probably could've escaped a jail sentence had he not continued to refuse complying with the City of Phoenix's zoning ordinances, but here he is, a couple weeks into a 60-day sentence.

That said, should Salman be granted work release?

Cast your vote below:

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