Sierra Vista Man Busted Driving Under Influence With Nearly 200 Pounds of Weed in Car

If you're planning on cruisin' around town with about 200 pounds of weed in the backseat of your car, there are a few things you should do, in case you get stopped by the police:

Get a valid driver's license, make sure the car you're driving doesn't have cracks in the windshield, get sober.

A man in Sierra Vista met none of those criteria earlier this week.

Luis Xavier Montiel, 27, was arrested Wednesday after police found 197 pounds of weed in the back seat of his Suzuki SUV.

The weed wasn't stashed in the seats or hidden in a tire, as is often the case when police make drug busts. It was in plain view for any officer to see.

Police say an officer on routine patrol stopped Montiel on State Route 90, about six miles south of Benson, for a cracked windshield.

When the officer approached the car, he noticed several bundles of marijuana in the backseat.

Not only was Montiel moving a large amount of pot, he also had a suspended driver's license and was under the influence of drugs, and, or, alcohol, at the time he was stopped.

Montiel was arrested for possession/transportation of marijuana for sale, driving on a suspended driver's license and aggravated DUI. He is currently in the Sierra Vista jail.

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