Speed Camera Killer Busted Near Home on Motorcycle, Say Cops; Owned Adventure Business

His name is Thomas Destories, but he also goes by "Paydirt." He ran a local adventure business.

And he doesn't appear to have gotten a single photo enforcement ticket.

Police released details this afternoon about the man they say gunned down a speed camera worker in cold blood as he worked in a photo enforcement van parked off the Loop 101 freeway. Redflex employee Doug Georgianni, 51, later died of his wounds.

Police say Thomas Patrick Destories, 68, was caught after an Arizona Department of Public Safety lieutenant recalled -- remarkably -- that he had seen a vehicle matching the suspect's SUV six years ago, not too far from his own home.

From Phoenix police Sergeant Andy Hill's news release:

DPS and Phoenix Police officers from several bureaus watched and waited, then Phoenix Police stopped Destories while he was driving his motorcycle near 800 E. Paradise Lane.

Phoenix Police investigators, through interviews, intelligence analysis, a search warrant, and a partnership with Arizona DPS were able to develop probable cause to arrest Destories. He was booked into jail for one count of first degree murder.

This investigation, based on a tragedy, was resolved through community cooperation with media assistance, and law enforcement agency partnerships.

Internet records show that name and address match up with Paydirt, the former president of Arrowhead Desert Tours. According to state records, Destories (also on record as De Stories) owned several businesses, including Arizona Old West Tours, Arrowhead Jeep Tours and Cactus Welding and Construction.

The state Supreme Court's public access site shows only one infraction for Destories -- he was stopped by Phoenix police in 2007 and cited for driving with a suspended plate and no insurance. The charges were dismissed.

Sergeant Hill tells New Times police believe Destories targeted the victim intentionally, hence the first-degree murder charge recommendation. Destories "made some statements," but Hill can't say yet what they were.

Destories apparently had his distinctive SUV parked in front of his home. Hill says that "at one point this morning, probably after he saw the news," Destories moved it through a gate into his back yard. Then he decided to go for a ride on his motorcycle, Hill says.

"We're very fortunate we got him so quickly," he says. "We had some really good witnesses."

Police are continuing to investigate.

Channel 12 News (KPNX-TV) talked to De Stories.

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