Steve Moak Will Drop "Big Shoe" on Ben Quayle at "Appropriate Time"

The campaign of Congressional candidate Ben Quayle continues to hound Steve Moak for answers to questions he posed to Moak in a letter. The Moak campaign continues to not answer them -- yet.

The questions pertain to the relationship between Moak's anti-drug charity, NotMYkid, and a business he used to own that produced at-home drug tests used by the charity.

Read all about it here.

On Tuesday, Moak's campaign spokesman Jerry Cobb gave New Times some answers to a couple of the questions posed by Quayle, but the Quayle campaign isn't satisfied. 

We got some answers from the Moak campaign yesterday but the Quayle's not satisfied.

"Moak needs to answer tough questions about exact relationship between nonprofit and for profit company," Quayle's campaign says in a statement issued this morning.

Yesterday, Cobb told New Times answers were coming and said another "big shoe" was about to fall on Quayle.

It's been nearly 24 hours, and no such shoe has fallen and no answers have been provided.

We spoke to Cobb this morning and he assures us both the answers, and the shoe, would come at "the appropriate time."

Cobb wouldn't specify what he meant by "big shoe."

With primary day just five days away, now might be an opportune time to start droppin' shoes -- if they exist.

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