Tempe Man Accused of Stealing $25,000 Diamond as April Fools' Day "Prank"

Some people seem to misunderstand the concept of April Fools' Day.

One such person is 27-year-old Phuoc Tran, who police say stole a $25,000 diamond as his April Fools' Day "prank."

On Tuesday, April Fools' Day, Tran went into Capri Jewelers in the Arizona Mills Mall to check out a diamond he'd also looked at the day prior.

When an employee of the store took it out of the case, Tran took it and turned his back to the employee. Police say he turned back around, said "April Fools," and handed back a piece of cubic zirconia, a substance that can look fairly similar to a diamond.

Tran made his way out of the store, but a store full of jewelry salespeople didn't fall for it.

Employees immediately called police, and watched Tran drive away from the mall.

Tran was arrested yesterday, when he went back to the store in an attempt to return the diamond, saying it was just a prank, according to a police spokesman.

Police say Tran admitted he was going to use the diamond, valued at $25,000, to propose to his girlfriend next week.

He was booked into jail on a charge of felony theft.

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