Thanksgiving Weekend DUI Checkpoints Around Metro Phoenix

We've all done it: chugged our wine or whiskey during Thanksgiving dinner in an attempt to drown out the racist and political rambling of crazy Uncle George.

Dealing with family members often requires that the libations flow freely — we get it.

But this year, if Uncle George goes on a rant about how he simply cannot decide whether Donald Trump or Ben Carson has a better plan to build a wall along the southern border, just remember not to drink and drive.

Unfortunately, Arizona does not have a great public service announcement like this — possibly because we're one of the most dangerous states out there — but the message still applies.
And if for some reason common sense isn't enough of a deterrence, here's where law enforcement officials will be out and about around the valley looking for drunk drivers:
  • Phoenix: 2212 East Bell Road

  • Phoenix: 2750 West Thunderbird Road

  • Phoenix: 8233 North 7th Street

  • Phoenix: 2700 West Thomas Road

  • Phoenix: 1610 East Highland Avenue

  • Phoenix: 3443 South Central Avenue

  • Scottsdale: 7601 East McKellips Road

  • Chandler: 250 East Chicago Street

  • Peoria: 8351 West Cinnabar Avenue
Live outside of the Valley? Here's the full list of checkpoints:
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Miriam is a staff writer at Phoenix New Times.
Contact: Miriam Wasser