Tire Rims Lead Gilbert Police to DUI Suspect

Gilbert police arrested a man on Tuesday after they were led to the suspect by the rims on his car.

The "dubs" the suspect, 38-year-old John McCombs Wilcox (pictured), was rollin' on probably won't find their way into a Dr. Dre video anytime soon, though.

The rims didn't have any tires on them.

According to the Gilbert Police Department, police received a call from a concerned citizen who reported that Wilcox was the driver in an accident that happened about 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

Police were soon able to locate Wilcox's vehicle because the rims on which he was driving tore up the road near the accident, leaving a trail.

Cops tracked Wilcox's car to a location near Chandler Heights and Power roads.

According to police, Wilcox initially resisted arrest. A preliminary blood alcohol content reading showed that his BAC was .303.

For anyone keeping score, yes, that's close to four times the legal limit to drive a car in the middle of the day on a Tuesday.

Wilcox was arrested and charged with aggravated DUI.

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