Feathered Bastard

Tom Horne Scores New Gig, and Why He Still Needs to Be Punished

What's former Attorney General Tom Horne doing these days? Apparently, he's joined up with his former law partner, Scottsdale attorney Sandra Slaton. His mug is on Slaton's website and the State Bar of Arizona now cites Slaton's office as his professional address.

Slaton, you'll recall, briefly represented Horne in an appearance before the Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission. And she filed a SLAPP suit against an independent group of GOPers who were running ads against Horne early on.

Which, of course, went nowhere.

(Note: A SLAPP suit is a libel suit threatened or filed to shut someone up, regardless of the underlying merit of the claim.)

A call to Slaton's office reveals that her firm, formerly Slaton & Sannes, is now Horne, Slaton & Sannes. Horne was out when I phoned, but I left a message. Perhaps he'll call back. If so, I'll offer an update below.

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