Jillian Sloan

We weren't overly bitter about not getting into the Playboy Party, until we waited more than two hours for John Travolta to arrive. Watch a slideshow from the concert.

Travolta's Saturday Night Spectacular... Sucktacular, more like it

From Grease to Stayin' Alive, John Travolta's career has involved memorable music, and during the time it took for him to arrive to his Saturday Night Spectacular party at the Galleria Corporate Centre, partygoers had heard all the soundtracks -- over and over again.

Of course, you could blame the painfully downgraded red carpet on the night. Saturday was bustling with hot parties, including the Playboy Party at Rawhide Wild Horse Pass and the Sports Illustrated Party at Barcelona. Not much was moving on the red carpet at the Saturday Night Spectacular except a gaggle of tan girls in white dresses holding trays of Belvedere Vodka. The photographers alone outnumbered the famous faces, which included the mayor of Scottsdale Mary Manross, boxer Evander Holyfield and Entertainment Tonight anchor Mark Steines and not much else.

As the Grease re-mix was spun one more time, Michael Mizanin from The Real World New York, filmmaker Michael Bay and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones walked the carpet, but it was clear the only person anybody wanted to see was Travolta. Finally, at 10:30, there was some action. Swarms of Scottsdale police, sheriff's deputies, building security and quite possibly members of the CIA and FBI clicked into serious mode, walking quickly and talking into ear mics importantly.

Travolta and party co-host Marshall Faulk left the plush confines of a bus just outside the building and walked in, stopping long enough to log some on camera time. He breezed down the carpet, dressed as though he was ready to film a scene for Pulp Fiction stopping long enough to ask if any of the waiting media wanted autographs. Sad celebrity moments of the night went to Beverly Hills 90210's Ian Ziering, who skipped the red carpet all together and strolled in almost completely unnoticed, and Alfonso Ribeiro. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air alum had the misfortune of walking in moments after Travolta slipped into the party. Had he arrived 15 minutes earlier, Ribeiro would have been in the midst of a comeback.

To be fair, the party itself was stunning. White leather coaches were spaced throughout the party created cozy seating areas, complete with bottom-illuminated tables decorated with crimson rose arrangements. Ice bars holding Belvedere Vodka and Veuve Clicquot in chilly holders dotted the room, making the cocktails just a reach away. The VIP area tucked on the far side of the room was brightened by orange pillows and table service and heavily guarded by four burly men. Cirque USA performers hug from the rafters, twisting, turning, flipping and spinning on silver rings and floor to ceiling swathes of fabric. REO Speedwagon took over from the Cirque performers, taking the stage, allowing people to relive their classic rock memories and try some old-school Travolta moves.

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