Two Teenagers Set Record for Largest Attempted Meth Smuggling Ever at Yuma Checkpoint

Two teenage girls made history at a border checkpoint in Yuma, but it's hardly a record that will make their families swell with pride. The two unnamed girls, ages 18 and 19, were arrested by border patrol agents for attempting to smuggle 47 pounds of meth into Arizona -- the largest meth-smuggling attempt ever for the Yuma Sector Border Patrol.

According to border patrol agents, the women were driving an SUV on Interstate 8 in Dateland, with their children in the backseat. The toddlers were apparently meant to be decoys, but a Border Patrol canine smelled more than dirty diapers in the vehicle. When agents checked the SUV, they found the 47 pounds of meth in a hidden compartment above the gas tank.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety estimates the street value of one pound of meth to be about $7,500, which puts the street value of the drugs in the Yuma bust at almost $353,000.

"[Drug traffickers] are going to use whatever means they see necessary to try and smuggle and transport drugs," Shaun Kuzia of Yuma Sector Border Patrol told Yuma television station KSWT 13. "In this case, they're using two seemingly innocent females with children in the back to try and smuggle drugs to Phoenix."

The children of the arrested women were returned to their fathers. That's one "road trip" the kids probably will never forget.

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