Video of Man Trying to Feed Kitten to Python Surfaces; If You Thought You Hated This Guy Yesterday, Wait Until You See This

The video of the man who tried to feed a six-week-old kitten to a python has surfaced, and this guy is a bigger dirt bag than originally anticipated.

You can see the video here, but if you ever want to smile again, we suggest you just take our word for it; it's awful.

The video shows Jeremy Tuffly in a backyard, repeatedly throwing the kitten into a plastic container that had a giant python in it.

The snake doesn't seem all that interested in the cat until Tuffly throws it directly onto the back of the snake.

The kitten kept running back towards Tuffly as if he were going to rescue him, only to be tossed right back onto the snake.

Tuffly, by the way, is standing a cautious 15 feet away from the giant snake, not wanting to go near it, and using the top of the container as a pseudo shield.

It should also be noted that several New Times readers have pointed out that the 28-year-old loser still lives with his grandma.

Looks like we now know who the real pussy in this situation is.

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