Video: Shooting a Glock 19 With a 31-Round Magazine

Quick quiz:

The perfect number of bullets in the magazine of a handgun is --

A) Zero. Bullets and handguns shouldn't be sold to anyone but cops.

B). Ten. That's the maximum in California, and was the maximum under the expired federal assault rifle ban.

C). 16. This is roughly a normal magazine load for many 9mm handguns. Any fewer would require a plastic plug in the magazine to take up the extra room. Besides, having the magazine stick out below the butt of the gun is excessive.

D). 31 or higher. Your fingers don't get as sore when loading them.

As you probably know, Jared Loughner used a 31-round magazine for his Glock when he shot Gabrielle Giffords and 19 other people on Saturday, leading to calls that maybe such an accessory should be banned (again).

Even gun enthusiasts may not be familiar with the large-capacity clip, so we found a video of someone using one at a range. This gives you an idea of how the shooting sounded:

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