Wade Ridley, Suspected of Murdering Ex-Girlfriend, Arrested in Las Vegas. Admits Involvement in Murder -- and More

The ex-boyfriend of a woman murdered in Phoenix last week was arrested in Las Vegas yesterday morning while driving the victim's car.

Wade Ridely, 53, was originally considered an "investigative lead" in the murder of 62-year-old Anne Marie Simenson, his ex-girlfriend. Now, the Phoenix Police Department says, he's a suspect -- dude admitted involvement in the murder...and a robbery...and copped to another attempted murder prior to the murder of Simenson.

About 4 p.m. Thursday, Phoenix police were called to a house in the 28600 block of North 46th Place regarding "unknown trouble."

When they got there, officers found Simenson's body with obvious signs of trauma. She later died.

In addition to being murdered, Simenson's car was stolen, which, as we mentioned, happens to be the same vehicle Ridley was driving at the time of his arrest.

After being taken into custody, Ridley admitted to detectives that he was involved in the murder of his ex-girlfriend. He also told police he was responsible for the robbery of a Safeway pharmacy near Simenson's home that occurred shortly after she was murdered. In addition to copping to the murder and the robbery, Ridley also told detectives he was involved in an attempted murder that went down in Las Vegas prior to the murder of Simenson.

Ridley is still in custody in Las Vegas, but will be brought back to Arizona where there will likely be charges of murder and robbery awaiting him.

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