Web Site With Explicit Shots of Tony Mandarich's Ex-Girlfriend is Taken Down


An hour after Valley Fever called ex-Green Bay Packers player Tony Mandarich (above) for comment about a lawsuit filed against him by an ex-girlfriend, an offending Web site with pictures of the girlfriend no longer works.

Mandarich never called us back, but our message may have had an effect. The Web page with the pornographic images of Sharra Ferbrache had been up since last fall. Even more likely, though, is that Febrache's lawsuit rattled some nerves. Courthousenews.com broke the story today.

While Febrache apparently achieved one of her goals, the lawsuit demands compensation for putting the pictures up in the first place.

That result might be more difficult for Febrache to achieve, especially if she's got a habit of making such videos.


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