Worse Role Model in Valley Sports: Daryl Washington or Michael Beasley?

The Scottsdale Police Department confirmed Tuesday that Phoenix Suns forward Michael Beasley is being investigated in a sexual-assault case.

He hasn't been arrested or charged in the case, but another Valley athlete has been arrested in the past week -- Arizona Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington was arrested on two felony charges for allegedly choking and breaking the collarbone of his baby's mother on May 1.

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Neither of these guys really has a stellar record off the playing surface.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Washington was involved in prior domestic-violence incidents with the mother of his child, both reported to police and unreported.

He was also suspended for the first four games of last season, after scoring an "F" on a drug test.

Then there's Beasley, who hasn't been accused by police of any wrongdoing in the sexual-assault case -- yet -- but has been in trouble before.

Beasley had another run-in with Scottsdale police in January, when he was found speeding about 25 mph over the speed limit down Scottsdale Road at 1 a.m. without a license plate, but with a suspended license and expired registration.

Beasley, 24, also has been caught with weed three times (twice by police and once by the general public), and he had a stint in rehab.

That got us thinking -- given the facts that are available, who do you think is a worse role model? Washington or Beasley?

Cast your vote below:

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