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Yuma Woman Steals Cop Car, Assaults a Federal Agent, and is Still on the Loose

The Yuma County Sheriff's Office is looking for a woman they say stole a federal marshal's vehicle yesterday, after she was already in the back seat of the marshal's car.

According to a press release from the YCSO, 26-year-old Simona Herrera, a.k.a. Maria Herrera (pictured), was detained by U.S. Marshals for an outstanding warrant.


While in the marshal's car, Herrera "managed to gain control" of the vehicle and speed off.

The press release doesn't mention how Herrera "gained control" while already being detained, but we have a call in to YCSO Captain Eben Bratcher to get the details. If they're as humorous as we're anticipating they'll be, we'll let you know later.

In the process of stealing the vehicle, authorities say Herrera assualted the marshal, who was injured and taken to the hospital but should be fine.

After stealing the vehicle and assaulting the marshal, Herrera's grand escape hit a snag when she crashed into a fence not far from where she was detained.

The U.S. Marshals Service, the YCSO, U.S. Border Patrol, and the FBI set up a perimeter and went door-to-door in the area where Herrera escaped, but were unable to track her down.

Herrera is described as Hispanic, about 5-foot-5, 120 pounds, and with a large butterfly tattoo on the right side of her neck.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the YCSO at 928-783-4427.

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