10 Metro Phoenix Restaurants Scored a "D" from the County Health Department in July

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Twelve different restaurants, along with some grocery stores and even a gas station, didn't make the cut last month in terms of food safety and cleanliness and Maricopa County. It might surprise you to see certain restaurants on this list, especially ones that have received acclaim for restaurant goers, critics, and national TV shows alike.

Editor's Note: One establishment on this list was removed after the county health department changed its records. Stay tuned to Chow Bella for more details on how the county health department's grading system works.

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Curry Corner, Tempe "Frozen bags of chicken thawing the mopsink soaking in still water. Thawing foods must be under cool running water or in the refrigerator."

All American Burger, Phoenix "There are no date marks on any items throughout establishment. Employee was unaware of when certain items in establishment were prepared."

Little Saigon, Glendale "Food in the freezer is being stored directly on the ground bags of rice and flour in the shed out back is being stored directly on the ground. Food shall be stored at least 6 inches off the ground to prevent contamination from the premises."

McDonald's, Mesa (1250 S. Country Club Dr.) "Employee on grill line handling raw beef products, then went to handle clean equipment and single service items without changing gloves and washing hands."

Carniceria Castillo, Phoenix "Found raw pork bellies (slabs) hanging on rolling metal rack, in the back room with a fan blowing over them to dry them out. Also found hanging chorizo sausage there as well; drying out. Per PIC, he thought this would be ok to do, but it is not, as these raw food items are being held in ambient air temperatures for hours at at time."

Koreana BBQ, Phoenix "Kimchi made at owners' home used for food preparation and service in establishment. Owner will remove home made kimchi from establishment."

Sonic Drive-In, Mesa (618 W. Southern Ave.) "Malted milk powder with unknown liquid in it and contaminated with black substance throughout product."

Old Country Buffet, Phoenix (9620 Metro Pkwy. West) "Observed several flies in dish washing area and one fly crawling in cantaloupe on buffet line. Clean areas that are attracting flies and obtain pest control if necessary to eliminate flies."

Mariscos Vuelve a la Vida, Glendale "Half full 5 gallon bucket of salsa temped at 50*f, no date and has mold growth on surface of product."

Sochu House, Phoenix "An employee working at the cook-line was observed placing raw shrimp into the fryer with a gloved hand, and then removed the glove and proceeded to handle chopsticks and a customer plate."

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.