32 Shea Makes Flavored Syrups, and They Taste Real Good

There are a lot of reasons to like 32 Shea. The patio is adorably cozy. The atmosphere is casual, the staff are attentive and kind. And there's a chair in the bathroom! Not just a boring chair, a really nice cushy one, perfect for feeding a baby or taking a little time-out from a bad date (why don't all restaurants have a bathroom chair?!).

They also have arguably the best coffee service in North Phoenix. Part of what makes 32 Shea's coffee so great is that the baristas are talented -- but they also don't take the coffee thing too seriously, which we have come to appreciate. 32 Shea adds some fun flair to their beverage menu in the form of house-made flavored syrups. We don't just mean the standard simple-syrup-and-cheap-vanilla-concentrate "house-made" syrups- - we mean real, delicious flavor combinations that complement coffee without smothering it.

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Zaida Dedolph
Contact: Zaida Dedolph