5 Metro Phoenix Dishes to Cure Your New Year's Day Hangover

The Hangover Breakfast Sandwich at Daily Dose
The Hangover Breakfast Sandwich at Daily Dose
Schmooze O. via Yelp
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With New Year's Eve right around the corner, you might be hyped for a wild night. But before the revelry kicks off, you may want to take a second to plan the next morning. Here, we give you edible tips on how to assuage that pounding hangover on New Year's Day, should you find yourself battling one. Here are five dishes to order in metro Phoenix for partiers who need to get right again come January 1, 2018.

Oatmeal Breakfast Bowl from the Coconut HutEXPAND
Oatmeal Breakfast Bowl from the Coconut Hut
Kat Simonovic

Oatmeal Breakfast Bowl from Coconut Hut
1430 West Warner Road, #148, Gilbert
Oats are a superfood full of vitamins like iron, vitamin B, and magnesium. That's good, because you're going to need to fill up on nutrients after flooding your system with booze. Oatmeal is usually a pretty easy meal to get down, even on a rough morning. If you wake up on New Year's Day feeling foggy, take a trip to Coconut Hut and get yourself an oatmeal breakfast bowl. Unlike many popular breakfast joints in the valley, this place cooks oatmeal to-order. You get to choose three toppings from fruits and nuts. Coconut Hut makes its oatmeal using almond and coconut milk, which is great for rehydration after a night of drinking. For $6, this decent-size portion is tough to beat.

Border Bowl from the Breakfast ClubEXPAND
Border Bowl from the Breakfast Club
Kat Simonovic

The Border Bowl from Breakfast Club
4400 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale
Eggs are full of an amino acid called cysteine that helps break down acetaldehyde, a toxin that contributes to hangovers. They are also full of taurine which helps boost liver function. Essentially, eggs are not only a great morning food but a great go-to if you want to recover from a long night. The Border Bowl at Breakfast Club offers a breakfast option with a whopping four eggs. If that wasn't enough, the bowl comes loaded with pulled pork that sits on a bed of hash browns. Every bite oozes with cheese. The dish is served with a side of hot sauce for those who want to turn up the heat. Apart from tasting great, this dish will fill your alcohol-exhausted stomach with some hearty goodness.

Vig-Chelada from The Vig
606 North Fourth Avenue
Many find the good old "hair of the dog" approach to be the best way of kicking a hangover. This wacky saying refers to returning to the stuff that did the damage in the first place: alcohol. Whether myth or truth, one thing is for sure: the Vig-Chelada from The Vig will get you feeling great again. This michelada is made from light beer and Bloody Mary mix, and is topped off with a lime. The rim of the glass is coated in various spices that give this morning drink a chile kick. The beer's fizz goes nicely with the consistency of the tomato juice. With the added lime, the flavors honestly blend quite nicely and refreshingly. An added bonus for football fans is that The Vig's TVs will be showing all the New Year's Day games.

Menudo Soup from Taquitos JaliscoEXPAND
Menudo Soup from Taquitos Jalisco
Kat Simonovic

Menudo from Taquitos Jalisco
1052 West Broadway Road, Mesa
Menudo is a Mexican soup long believed to cure hangovers. Traditionally a family food, this dish is usually time-consuming to make. Menudo pros often spend four to seven hours on the soup. A long simmer results in more intense flavor. Menudo is typically eaten as a celebratory meal for the holidays or for occasions when a family has come together. Many Mexican restaurants only serve it on weekends. Taquitos Jalisco will be spooning out menudo this New Year's Day. If you're looking to start 2018 on the right spicy note, you can't go wrong with a visit to this east Valley Mexican restaurant.

"The Hangover Sandwich" from Daily Dose

4020 North Scottsdale Road, #101, Scottsdale
A specialty item on the menu at this bar and grill, the "hangover sandwich" will help you bounce back in a huge, comforting way on New Year's Day. The bread comes stuffed with house-made turkey sausage, jalapeños, and an egg however you like it. As if that doesn't sound like enough, your two-handed meal comes with potatoes and fresh fruit. Pair the meal with one of the eatery's locally crafted specialty iced teas, and you will be well on your way to hydration and feeling good in 2018.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.