5 Places to Eat and Drink in Huntington Beach, California

Surf City, USA. Sun, sand, and pretty awesome little restaurants: Huntington Beach draws tourists from all over the world, and many times, the big-name places, like BJ's or Fred's Mexican Food, will welcome you with a long wait for a table.

But no need to worry. We made our way up and down Main Street in Huntington Beach, just off Pacific Coast Highway, and picked out five of our favorite places that are a must if you venture to the coast anytime soon.

Sushi on Fire 301 Main St. #103 Huntington Beach, CA 92648 714-374-8885 Of course, sushi would be at the top of this list. Fresh seafood has never tasted or looked this good. Sushi on Fire has a menu full of specialty rolls that aren't baked or filled with cream cheese. Each roll is unique and does something special to the palate. The Refreshing Roll, for example, is just that: refreshing. Albacore, salmon, and yellow tail are rolled and topped with thin slices of lemon and jalapeño, and drizzled with a fresh cilantro sauce. Animal style, mostly known as the secret menu option at In-N-Out, is sashimi covered in an "animal style" sauce, dressed with crispy onions. It hasn't made its way to the menu yet, but none of the servers try to pretend like it doesn't exist.

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Mangiamo Gelato Café 122 Main Street Huntington Beach, CA 92648 714-536-5388 Baskin-Robbins is across the way from Mangiamos, but the line is always longer for the latter. And it's well worth the wait. The gelato is made fresh daily, and flavors include fruit flavor such as lemon, mango (one of the best flavors in the fruit category, in our opinion), and rich flavors such as the classic stracciatella and the hazelnut-flavored bacio. The other enticing feature of the gelato shop is the smell of fresh waffle cones being made throughout the day.

Java Point 300 Pacific Coast Highway Huntington Beach, CA 92648 714-374-9256 Java Point is housed inside Huntington Surf and Sport right on PCH. Surfers as well as regular beach-goers grab coffee or a fresh bagel to get their day started. Go for the Vanilla Vanilla. If you're a fan of a vanilla latte, this is the drink for you. What makes it different than other places? You can actually taste the smooth vanilla, while still getting that jolt from the coffee. Plus it's a perfect way to stay warm during those breezy nights. Grab a fresh muffin or cookie to pair with your Vanilla Vanilla.

North Shore Poke Co. 214 5th St. Ste. 101 Huntington Beach, CA 92648 Don't be afraid to get your dose of fresh fish, since it can be hard to come by in the desert. North Shore Poke serves classic poke bowls, with either sushi-grade ahi tuna or salmon, served over rice or a cucumber salad. If you want more of a kick, go for a spicy mayo sauce, or a Sriracha-based sauce. Add avocado or mango to really enhance all the flavors. If you're looking for a little more, get an order of poke tacos.

The Funnel House 205 Main St. Huntington Beach, CA 92648 714-969-3099 The Funnel House is the place to take care of that sweet tooth. Churros and cookies are made fresh daily, and funnel cakes are made to order. Since it's better to go big, opt for the Fundae, a funnel cake sundae. The funnel cake base fills the bottom of a to-go containter and is topped with powdered sugar, your choice of fruit toppings, five scoops of ice cream of your choosing, whipped cream, and any chocolate, caramel or Lechita sauce you desire. The warm cake and the cool ice cream balance each other out, leaving a fresh, yet not so heavy taste. Be sure to grab enough forks to share with your party.

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