Ramen for the lonely.
Ramen for the lonely.
Via: MisoSoupDesign/Facebook

A Ramen Bowl with a Built-In iPhone Holder. Really

Chin-up lonely college students, now you don't have to endure your nightly bowl of bachelor chow alone, you can enjoy it basking in the light of your iPhone! MisoSoupDesign is a small company that recently unveiled a ramen bowl with a smartphone holder integrated into the rim of the bowl.

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That way a user can slurp down their noodles while never breaking eye contact with their FaceTime call home or funny cat videos on Youtube. Currently these bowls have been fabricated in black, white and red although these are just prototypes.

MisoSoupDesign has stated on their Facebook page that they've received overwhelmingly positive feedback on their prototypes though and that they're starting to take limited pre-orders for them. They project a ship date between April and May. If you'd like to lay your hands on some hands-free phone holders you can shoot them an email at info@misosoupdesign.com or send them a message via Facebook.

Beyond simply holding your iPhone the empty bowl actually acts as a natural amplifier for audio. Of course the real question is whether or not MisoSoupDesign is going to receive a kickback from Apple for creating a device almost guaranteed to triple the number of phone returned for service due to, "immersion in ramen." Maybe they'll sell a slurp screen guard as an accessory.

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