Alexa Wilson's Perfect Food Day

Alexa Wilson, also known as "the plate lady" is part of the back of the house happenings that you don't usually see as a regular diner. She is the one that executive chefs, banquet managers, food and beverage managers, pastry chefs and any other decision maker in a restaurant turn to when they need a case of replacement stemware, a design for a new custom dinner plate, an oven, another chinois, more menus, fry pans, chairs, name it, she can source it for the food world.

Wilson works for a restaurant equipment and supply company and she spends her days in and out of her car and in and out of the back of all the high end hotels, restaurants, and casinos in the state like Hotel Valley Ho, Noca, Posh, L'auberge Resort in Sedona, Silverleaf Country Club and the soon-to-be-reopening Tom's Tavern in downtown Phoenix.

In her free time, she continues to spend her days thinking about restaurants and food and plans culinary trips around the world. In the last six years she's been to Paris, Rome, and Athens. Can we come, too?

She also used her hospitality influence and PR background to organize a bi-annual cross country motorcycle ride for a foodservice industry tradeshow for 10 years and cumulatively raised over $300,000 for America's Second Harvest (now Feeding America). She did this with zero operating costs, and 100% of all donations were given to charity. Ok, maybe we should replace "the plate lady" with "superwoman."

Here's Alexa Wilson's perfect food day:

Breakfast: My husband's homemade scramble. We usually make this every weekend, and I look forward to it all week. One of my favorite combos uses egg whites, fresh mushrooms, Walla Walla onions and pork sausage. He seasons it with some Mexican spices, and he'll top if off with a variety of Mexican cheeses, and Tapatio hot sauce to spice it up. Sometimes he mixes in green chiles for a little kick as well.

Morning Snack: I really love eating some fresh fruit in the morning. My favorites are raspberries, nectarines, strawberries, grapes or kiwis.

Lunch: If there were no limits to my perfect food day, my perfect lunch would involve flying down to Rocky Point and heading to Las Palomas for sopas de mariscos. It's a tiny little dive of a restaurant, but it has the BEST fresh sopas de mariscos and tostadas in the world. We head there every trip we take, and we even got engaged there!

Snack: An afternoon stop at Four Peaks for a sampling of any appetizer and some Kilt Lifter beer would make my perfect food day even better! Some of my favorites are their wings, beer bread sandwiches, veggie burger and nachos!

Dinner: Noodles Ranch Vietnamese Restaurant in Scottsdale. This place is fantastic, and I easily visit it every week. Some of my staple favorites here are their tofu spring rolls and peanut chicken salad for a light meal, or the spring rolls and Pho when I want something a little more hearty. I've tried all of the Phos, and love the meatball one the most!

Dessert: Lately I've been loving Snickers Blizzards from Dairy Queen. Not very creative or exciting, but such a delicious treat that I know will always be good! If I want a sit down dessert, I love the apple monkey bread from Culinary Dropout!

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