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Artisan Bakery Mediterra Bakes Fantastic Bread, and We'll Tell You Where to Get It

When Simply Bread closed nearly two years ago, it was a major blow for those of us who love crusty, European-style bread. Good news is: there's a new bakery called Mediterra Bakehouse in town (well, in Coolidge, to be precise), and they're turning out ravishing artisan loaves -- large and heavy with dark crunchy crusts so caramelized they lend a sweet, nutty quality to the bread. A far cry from the airy, tasteless crap with 1500 ingredients you can't even pronounce that comes from the grocery store. That's not even bread, but I digress.

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Owner Nick Ambeliotis opened his bakery here in AZ last summer, and he's already established an impressive wholesale clientele. Then again, he's hardly new to the business. Four of his adult children run the original Mediterra Bakehouse in Pittsburgh, which has been going strong for 12 years. How did he get to Arizona and how can you get to him? Here's the lowdown.

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