Baby Goats, Banoffee Pie and Chipotle's New Concept

A round-up of tasty morsels from Valley food blogs.

Mouthbysouthwest shared the news that Chipotle is opening a new concept called ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen, the first of which will be in Washington, DC this summer. The restaurant "is inspired by the traditional shophouses found throughout Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Shophouses are classical two or three-story buildings where families live upstairs and run restaurants or fresh markets on the ground level." We're thinking bahn mi and noodle dishes. Look out, Pei Wei.

Sean and Kate McClendon shared their 10th anniversary meal in pictures over at McClendon's Farm blog. Congrats! Kevin Binkley presented some really outstanding dishes - lots of them. Get ready to drool all over your computer. If you've never been to Binkley's, you can pretend by grabbing a drink in a pretty glass and slowly scrolling down the screen.

The Simple Farm is getting ready to kid their goats. They wrote a cute post about preparations and expectations of raising goats - this is certainly something we don't think about happening regularly in Phoenix. We are looking forward to meeting the new goats in a future post.

Here's something to make this weekend. Banofee pie. If you weren't sure of what Sweet Republic's popular sundae was based on, now you'll know. Linda Hopkins of Les Petite Gourmettes shows us all its creamy toffee-y banana filled glory. Here's her recipe for Banofee Pie.

Hey metro Phoenix eaters, if you have a food blog or know of one we've missed, leave word in the comments section.

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