Beckett's Table and Nobuo at Teeter House Get Ready for Patio Season

Did you know it's going to be 82 degrees this Sunday? Yep, patio season is officially upon us.

Business is apparently as good as the weather, so two local eateries are getting ready for sunny days ahead with new patios.

Beckett's Table is tripling its amount of outdoor seating, wrapping the current front patio into a brand-new side patio that's currently under construction (check out the above photo). There will be an added entrance to the side patio from the dining room, and a new fireplace at the corner. Considering how busy the restaurant's been this development isn't happening a day too soon.

Meanwhile, Nobuo at Teeter House is getting ready to add a much-needed front patio. (Why should all the folks at Rose & Crown and Pizzeria Bianco have all the al fresco fun?) Michael Pearce of Carbon Vudu has designed it to include planters, furniture, and bio-screens; Heather Taylor -- a.k.a. Pizzeria Bianco's gardener -- is doing the plantings.

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