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Behold! The Epic David Chang Vs. Questlove Fried Chicken Showdown

Last month we noted that celebrated Momofuku chef David Chang would be squaring off in a fried chicken competition against musician and neophyte food entrepreneur Questlove.

Good natured smack talk was traded via twitter and terms were agreed upon. In the event of Chang's loss, Chang would put Questlove's chicken in his restaurants and feature him in the next issue of his magazine Lucky Peach. In the event of Questlove's loss, Questlove would do dishes at Momofuku as well as stand outside with a sandwich board and advertise for Chang. A final twist was added on the show when Questlove promised to forgo his normal shoutouts and instead honor Chang before every show.

Thursday night, that battle came to pass and only one man emerged victorious. The competition was judged by Steve Higgins, John Slattery and Tina Fey.

The winner, by unanimous decision, was David Chang. While the judges seemed to enjoy Questlove's chicken they were visibly moved by Chang's. Their deliberation was brief before they unhesitantly handed down their verdict.

Despite being crushed, 0-3, Questlove lost graciously to Chang. For his part, Chang was a gracious winner too, announcing that he will serve Questlove's chicken anyways and that the proceeds would go to support a food bank.

So perhaps Tina Fey was right, this truly was a win-win competition for everyone.

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