8 German Restaurants and Markets in Metro Phoenix

Come for the giant pretzels, but stay for the homemade Bavarian grub at this classic Glendale restaurant.
Come for the giant pretzels, but stay for the homemade Bavarian grub at this classic Glendale restaurant. Courtesy of Haus Murphy’s
German food is about as fun to eat as it is to pronounce, but it’s sometimes hard to find in the Valley. Aside from giant pretzels and amazing beer joints across metro Phoenix, killer schnitzel, roulade, and käsespätzle dishes can be few and far between.

But hope is not lost for Valley residents seeking house-made hackbraten. Get ready to crack a bier and hear some oompah music, as metro Phoenix is home to these nine German restaurants and markets from Historic Downtown Glendale to Old Town Scottsdale, the north Valley, Arcadia, and deep Mesa. Prost!

Bavarian Point Restaurant

4815 East Main Street, #32, Mesa

It’s hard to gage what to expect at Bavarian Point Restaurant until you get there. Found in an unassuming shopping center in Mesa, the restaurant itself is a cozy rendition of a German dining room complete with servers in traditional Bavarian clothing. The menu includes appetizers like skewered bratwurst and wurst salad, followed by dishes like beer-battered shrimp, Wurst Peanne, Wienerschnitzel with German fries, Zwiebelrostbraten, Rindsroulade, and more fun stuff. And for dessert? How about Palatschinken?

Brat Haus

3622 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale
6025 North 16th Street

If it’s a beer garden you want, it’s a beer garden you’ll get at Brat Haus. This Old Town Scottsdale spot (now with a new location in Uptown) has 28 craft beers on tap, which you can try on their dog-friendly, open-air patio also featuring bag toss, ping pong, darts and life-size Jenga. The menu gets inventive with options like Bavarian pretzels with beer cheese fondue, Brat Flights, Jalapeño Cheddarwurst, and the Summer Pork Schnitzel.

Hungarian sausage with haus-made German fried potatoes, sauerkraut, and homemade red cabbage at Edelweiss Biergarten.
Courtesy of Edelweiss Biergarten

Edelweiss Biergarten

2625 East Bell Road

Also known as Edelweiss at Wagon Yard, sort of, Edelweiss Biergarten is spotted by their super-conspicuous sign along Bell Road in the north Valley. This new, Old World restaurant specializes in Hungarian and German cuisine, pushing out dishes like knockwurst with potatoes, wienerschnitzel, and appetizers like Opa's Favorite – complete with wedges of German Gouda with house-made cranberry sauce. They've also got a giant pretzel with beer cheese sauce, and one of the largest selections of German beer in town.

German Sausage Co.

4900 East Indian School Road

Connected to the O.H.S.O. Arcadia location, German Sausage Co. has been around since 1982, and it’s probably not going anywhere. Visiting this cash-only deli is like hitting the motherload of German meats – plus bread and other groceries. German Sausage Co. products include salted smoked meats like bauernschinken, old fashioned sandwich meats like zungenwurst, liver sausages like feine leberwurst, sausage links like knackwurst, smoked meats like schwarzwaelder, cold cuts like bierwurst, and landjaeger for your smoked sausage fix.

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Doesn't get more German than Haus Murphy's in Glendale.
Courtesy of Haus Murphy's

Haus Murphy's

5739 West Glendale Avenue, Glendale

One of the best-known German restaurants in town, the as-seen-on-TV Haus Murphy's was opened in 1996 by the still-current owners Brett and Rose Hoffman. They love to live up to the schnitzel, pretzel, and bier expectations, and menu items range from Sauerkraut Puffs to Jäger Schnitzel to Oma’s Hackbraten. Located in Historic Downtown Glendale, Haus Murphy's is marked by the giant pretzel at the entrance and has a stunning beer garden, so you can enjoy your 16-ounce Warsteiner Dunkel outside.

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Find pretzels galore at Old Heidelberg Bakery.
Lauren Cusimano

Old Heidelberg Bakery

2210 East Indian School Road

This family-owned European bakery was established in 1969, and visiting the small yet packed grocery store and bakery is well worth it. Enter Old Heidelberg Bakery and be greeted by a bakery counter, where you can order fresh pretzel bread, fruit strudels, Kaiser rolls, and more. Beyond is the market, offering German sausages, marmalades, biscuits, noodles, gifts, and many more treats.

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Memorable pork meatloaf at Soup & Sausage Bistro.
Jackie Mercandetti

Soup & Sausage Bistro

13240 North Seventh Street

You might have to pick and choose your favorite German dishes off the Soup & Sausage Bistro, but they’re there. The 2017-established lunch and dinner spot offers eastern European soups, sandwiches, and traditional dishes. German-specific menu items include fresh bratwrust sausage featured in a number of plates and combos or by itself, or paired with stewed sauerkraut and other treats.

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Grab a seat at the bar in Zur Kate German Restaurant.
Horst Schlembach

Zur Kate German Restaurant

4815 East Main Street, #16, Mesa

Relocating from Hamburg, Germany to Mesa in 1983, Zur Kate German Restaurant is a Bavarian-themed eatery with the right amount of kitsch and modern amenities. The menu is packed with sausages, schnitzels, and specials, plus German beer, liquor, and wine. Entrees include Zwiebel Rippchen, Sauerbraten, and Cornish game hen, all accompanied by rye bread, choice of red cabbage or sauerkraut, and spaetzle, dumplings or German potato salad.
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