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Bing Soo: The Next Frozen Dessert Trend?

We've always been addicted to ice cream. Gelato is still going strong. And tangy Korean-style frozen yogurt is plenty popular.

So I would not be one bit surprised if bing soo became the next frozen dessert trend in the Valley of the Sun.

It's a kind of Korean sundae, with soft-serve ice cream or frozen yogurt swirled on top of shaved ice, fresh fruit, fruit sauces, and add-ins like red bean, boba, cereal, and crushed cookies. Really, the crushed ice is what sets it apart from straight-up frozen yogurt that's so trendy these days, and it's surprising how much just that one addition changes the experience -- it seems even lighter and more refreshing.

So where can you find bing soo around here? I visited Fresco Juice in Chandler, a tiny, friendly spot at the northwest corner of Alma School and Queen Creek Rd. (2820 S. Alma School). Along with the gargantuan sundaes, they also have smoothies, boba drinks, iced tea and coffee, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, and a smal selection of sandwiches that are only about four bucks apiece.  

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Michele Laudig
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