Brew Reivew: Xingu Black Beer

Lately I've been looking outside the U.S. for tempting brews to try. Last week Tiger from Singapore left me feeling flat as, well, the beer itself. This week I'm heading to Brazil to try out Xingu Black Beer

But first, a brief history lesson about the word "xingu." Xingu refers to a 900-mile-wide river in Brazil as well as the indigenous 15 tribes of people it supports. Though you wouldn't know any of this by looking at the beer's packaging or labels. No, other than the mention that it's made and bottled in Brazil there's nothing to tie to its country of origin. 

We'll forgive this though because Xingu is what I like to call "delicious." 

Taste: Xingu is a schwarzbier which means it shares many characteristics with porters and stouts. But this isn't Guinness. Xingu is smoother, less bitter and slightly more caramel in flavor. This is one of the few beers I tried with my fellow New Times comrades that everyone liked. 

Goes with: economic recessions. There's a tremendous sense of value here. I bought a six pack of Xingu at Cost Plus World Market for $9. Even without the low price point, this beer tastes great. 

Verdict: Though it failed to teach me anything about Brazil or even present a connection to the land that concocted it, I dig Xingu. In fact I think I'll drink a few more while I try to decide what country I'll explore through the art of imbibing beer next. 

Happy drinking! 


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