Brew Review

Brew Review: Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock

By Jonathan McNamara

They’ll put just about anything in beer these days. We’ve already seen red rice, juniper berries and pumpkin, but I never counted on popping open a cold bottle of chocolate beer.

Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock comes in a bottled decorated with an ornate silver label. As I poured my first taste I wondered if the liquid refreshment beneath the presentation would match the hype?

Tastes: like a hearty bock with the chocolate complimenting the texture of the draught more than the taste. There are a few notes of coffee and the slight tanginess of chocolate high in Cocoa is present as well, but the texture is where the addition of the sweet, brown stuff really comes across.

Goes with: the holidays. I can’t think of a better brew by my side while I plow through turkey or even scarf some pumpkin pie. It’s all purpose as far as holiday faire is concerned.

I got mine: from a friend kind enough to share and that may be the only one I drink because a 750ml bottle of the stuff will run you $16.

Verdict: This is easily the best Samuel Adams brew I’ve pushed past my lips. The tin taste from other Sam Adams varieties was nonexistent. If you can afford a few bottles of this, go for it. And in the interest of the holiday season please share some with me.

Happy drinking.

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Jonathan McNamara