Happy Hour

Brick: Happy Hour Report Card

The Spot: Brick, 455 North Third Street, Phoenix, 602-258-3665, www.brickphx.com.

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The Hours: Happy Hour is offered daily with drink specials from 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and discounted bar food from 4 to 6:30 p.m.

The Interior: Somewhere between ultra hip and laid back, hanging out at Brick is kind of a confusing experience. The all brick interior has bar seating, lounge areas with leather couches, regular table seating and booths, all of which offer a completely different feeling.

When we were there, the tables and booths were filled with office worker types chowing on pizza. The bar seating is right in front of the entrance, so it's a little uncomfortable to sit there, having every new patron stare at you as they are seated. The couches are comfortable, but it seems uncouth to just chill on them and have a few drinks. Maybe they are just for folks waiting for tables and the servers didn't want to tell us? We'll just stick to the patio, even though it's getting chilly, you can people watch the patrons coming in and out of movies at the AMC next door.

The Food: Brick's discounted appetizer menu is only available through the bar, so don't get a table for happy hour. The two and a half hour time slot, overlapping with the drink discounts, is the ideal time to go to Brick.

We tried out the pesto-stuffed artichokes and the hummus plate. The artichokes were surprisingly tasty, with a tangy full artichoke heart smothered in pesto, battered and deep-fried. The hummus plate is perfect to split with a few friends, with generous portions of every snack that composed the plate.

The Drink: We definitely have our favorite sangria spots in town, and after going to Brick, we're going to have to include them on our list. With both red and white varieties, $4 will get you a healthy serving of whichever sangria you choose. Partial to the red, we might have accidentally ordered more than one glass, but the delicious cinnamon, vanilla and orange infused Bordeaux and brandy base was intoxicating in more ways than just its obvious alcoholic impact. Brick also offers $3 pints of Four Peaks beers, with six different brews to choose from, along with $4 wells and glasses of wine.

The Conclusion: Although we're already craving more pesto stuffed artichokes, the ambiance is a little stuffy for a pizzeria and bar. Normally we come to happy hour to relax, and it took a few Four Peaks beers and glasses of their house made sangria to make that happen at Brick.

Grade: B+

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