Chow Bella

Cafe: BLD

We get it. This is the internet age. We want all things at all times. If you're talking about being able to stream movies at a moment's notice, we agree with you. If you're interested in unrealistic expectations for local eateries, we'd direct you to BLD.

This new eatery from the folks behind Cork serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Unfortunately, it does none of them particularly well.

Food Critic Laura Hahnefeld on BLD:

BLD (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) was opened in March by Cork's Robert and Danielle Morris and executive chef Brian Peterson, all formerly of Lon's at the Hermosa in Paradise Valley. Located in The Shops at Pecos Ranch, a new-ish, upscale retail strip on the corner of Dobson and Germann roads, minutes away from the affluent subdivision Pecos Ranch, BLD has a particular guest in mind, but this "virtually everything" concept gets in its own way of single-focused success. From the atmosphere to the menu to the food, BLD's concept of being all things has produced a restaurant with an identity crisis...full story

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Jonathan McNamara