Chow Bella

Cafe: Sapna Cafe

If we could remain financially stable and travel around the world, we'd do it in a heart beat and never look back. Sure, we like taking photos and visiting exotic locales, but the real appeal is in the food discoveries we could make. Fusion cuisine doesn't get any better than fusing yourself and your memories to the very spot where the food you're eating was grown. 

Sadly our culinary travel plans don't extend much further than the grocery store. That's why we feel so fortunate to have an eatery like Sapna Cafe around. Owner and cook Ana Borrajo has created a menu full of economical dishes inspired by her travels around the world. The Calcutta Egg Roll sounds delicious! But don't take our word for it. See what Food Critic Michele Laudig has to say about the joint:

"Depending on your appetite, you could eat quesadillas and gypsy stew either as appetizers or main dishes. (On a hungry day, I'd gobble up both.) My lightly toasted quesadilla was filled with creamy melted blue cheese and tangy tomato marmalade, while the stew -- thick with butternut squash, onion, green beans, white beans, pears, chickpeas, and cilantro -- was chunky and flavorful, so good I cleaned my bowl with a piece of bread."...full story

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Jonathan McNamara