Cafe: Tapas Papa Fritas

Cafe: Tapas Papa Fritas

Mention Southbridge and watch us have a Pavlovian reaction. We're hungry for tapas and now we've got new destination to get our fix.

Food Critic Michele Laudig on Tapas Papa Frita:

Dinner started off with a basket of freshly baked rolls and a ramekin of garlicky, tangy allioli, the Catalan version of aioli. It was creamy, salty, and melted right into hunks of warm bread, and if our tapas hadn't started showing up promptly, I would've been content to keep nibbling on it. Indeed, we were offered seconds when the basket was empty.

That's great, but the tapas really were delicious. If I could pick out the thing I liked most about almost all of them, it would be the sauces, hands down. Each sauce was complex and distinctive, easily as good as anything it covered. For example, the albondigas meatballs were cooked just right -- moist and firm, with a great beefy flavor -- but the sweet tomato and onion sauce filling the bowl took the dish to a higher plane. If you don't save bread for this, prepare to get out your spoon...full story

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