Caffiend: Lotte's It's the Sun Energy Drink

We've tried hundreds of energy drinks, and just when it seemed like we'd tried them all, we found Lotte: It's the Sun energy drink. The colorful 8.3 ounce can looks energizing, with its bright orange and red sun label and depiction of a soccer player, but is there really anything that makes It's the Sun different from the tons of other high-octane drinks on the market?

Unfortunately, no. The formula is pretty much the same (sugar, Taurine, Guarana, and lots of B vitamins), and the taste isn't anything special, either. It's not horrible (we've certainly tried worse), but the 28 grams of sugar in the drink really dominate the flavor. It's the Sun tastes like carbonated pineapple Kool-Aid with three times the amount of sugar.

The energy boost is more sugar than caffeine, too, and it's over in less than an hour. Unless you want to drink It's the Sun throughout the day to sustain your energy, it's probably best to stick with the tried-and-true mainstream energy drinks like Rock Star and Monster.  

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